Born in 1966 on a Pacific island south-east of Japan, my name is often shortened to just Barugon (バルゴン), which is not to be confused with Baragon – very similar in name, but certainly not in appearance.

According to an ancient Japanese legend, a single Barugon is born only once every thousand years from an egg that resembles a large opal. While a normal Barugon takes ten years to reach full maturity, my rapid growth was an anomaly, caused by exposure of the egg to infra-red radiation as a result of nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Despite what some believe, I’ve actually had a very good friendship and working relationship with Gamera (ガメラ), also known as the ‘friend of all children’. While we did get along very well, one our quarrels was fairly high-profile, as referenced in 大怪獣決闘 ガメラ対バルゴン, but that’s another story for another time 🙂


  1. Barugon ,

    Your Fix for the my CD / DVD Rom was right on the money .

    I had to run the Sony XCP Rootkit fix .

    After that no more error 39 in Xp Device Manager and CD Rom Drive is now Accesible .

    You are an awesome person to make this fix available for no charge ,

    I burned through 6 hours of Tech Time trying to follow M$’s Instructions concerning the registry fixes .

    I also spent two online chatting with HP Tech Support and they were clueless . They had me run a VBS Script from MVP Doug Knox called XP_CD+DVD+FIX.VBS . iT ALSO DID NOTHING TO HELP THE MISSING DVD BURNER Problem .

    Again , Many Thanks and I will dance at your next wedding !!!

    Arigato !!

    Ken Tarver

  2. Hi barugon,
    Many thanks for the NetoDragon fix, I downloaded the drivers from you chums in Canada and they worked a treat!
    I smiled at your reference to sorting your grandfather’s laptop as a grandpa of three myself its the other way round – I fix their probs.


  3. Barugon,
    I was following your instructions regarding the error Code 39 with a sense that maybe I was finally going to solve my CD/DVD drive problem. Everything was going fine until I started to operate DevCon. At the part when I typed C:\DevCon\devcon stack gendron, instead of getting a list like in your picture, I got the message: ‘devcon’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I tried a number of different things but couldn’t make it work. Any idea why I’m not getting the same response? Any help over this final hurdle would be greatly appreciated.

    From DB in Indonesia (indobustins@telkom.net)

  4. Barugon, your instructions not only fixed my problem but were the best written I have come across on the web.

    Very nicely done and thank you very much…

    “no longer as mysticalfied” 🙂

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