Posted by: barugon | 1 August 2008


こんにちは, はじめまして!Barugon, the source of all rainbows

Greetings fine world, it is I, Barugon extending a laurel and a hearty hand shake to the blogoshphere. This blog will serve as a repository for anything and everything that comes to mind, a veritable cornucopia if you will, and even if you won’t. While much of the focus will surround technology and photography, two of my favourite interests, there will also be a healthy dose of information and discussion of 大怪獣 (daikaijū) – including my pals Gamera (ガメラ), Gyaos (ギャオス), and of course Guiron (大悪獣ギロン).


Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions – please don’t ask 🙂

Barugon (^_^)

– – – – – –

Have you found the information or instructions on this site helpful? If you would like to donate to Barugon, please feel free to do so… though I’m always happy to help for free too (^_^)


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